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Emilia Avenue’s Spring & Summer Giveaway -> Get ready to make room in your closet!

In celebration of spring and summer, here’s a giveaway:


  • Forever 21 Chambray Romper – Size S
  • Forever 21 Cerulean blue lace button-up blouse – Size S
  • River Island White crop top – UK Size 10/US Size 6
  • Garage Maroon button-up blouse – Size S
  • Cheap Monday black beanie

Accessories and Miscellaneous:

  • Kate Spade New York “Escape the Ordinary” Keychain Coin Purse
  • Kate Spade New York “Escape the Ordinary” iPhone 5/5S Cover
  • Kate Spade New York Crystal earring studs
  • Paris Tumblr Mug
  • Forever 21 Collar necklace with metal detail in black
  • Forever 21 Collar necklace with metal detail in beige
  • Molecule 01 Perfume by Escentric Molecules
  • Urban Outfitters Macaroons box in pink and cream
  • Forever 21 Wire headband in red
  • Forever 21 Wire headband in black and white polka dots with metal detail
  • Zara Crystal collar necklace
  • Zara Gold floral headband
  • Forever 21 stud earring with cuff
  • Forever 21 black crystal earrings
  • Forever 21 silver and grey fan earrings


  • Must be following emiliaavenue
  • Reblogs only please
  • Will choose one lucky blogger randomly in the end, reblog more for a higher chance
  • 18 years and above or have parent’s consent to give out address
  • Please keep ask box open so I can message you if you win. The winner has 24 hours to respond before I choose a new winner.
  • Message me anytime!
  • Giveaway is open internationally.
  • Giveaway ends on April 23rd, 2014

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Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Vincent Van Gogh



*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

Maybe 25?

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Amazing illustrations of what might be below the surface.  At the Schusev State Museum of Architecture

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